Our Mission . . .

The church’s mission is to present Jesus Christ to the world, while we minister to the needs of hurting people as we continue the work of the Great Physician. The primary mission of the Church of The Open Door is to reach the masses by presenting the “good news” message of Jesus Christ – both locally, in the U.S. and the world. The Church of the Open Door is about ministering through outreach to the needs of all people – from infants and youths through adults and seniors. We Introduce People to The Lord Jesus Christ Who Loves, and Cares Deeply About the Least, the Lost, and the Lonely


Chief Apostle

(Vision & Doctrine: Nathaniel Gibbs, Sr.)

The Presbytery or Board of Elders

Apostles (Govern), Prophets (Guide), Evangelists (Gather), Pastors (Guard), Teachers (Ground)
The Senior Pastor (Jer. 3:15)

Care Pastors and Deacons’ Ministry (Eph. 4:11; 1 Tim.3:8)

Church Adm. (2 Chron. 34:10) – Fin. Sect. (Ex. 17:14) – Fin. Comm. (Mal. 3:10)

The Congregation of Baptized Believers in The Lord Jesus Christ

(1 Cor.1:1-14; 14:1-33)


Prayer, Praise, & Worship

Dir. Of Up-reach Ministries


Bible Study & Christian Education

Dir. Of Down-reach Ministries


Outreach Evangelism

Dir. Of Out-reach Ministries


Ministries of Help

Director of In-reach Ministries

Worship Leaders (1 Cor.12:1-14) Sunday School Teachers (Matt. 28:20) Intercessory Prayer (Lk.18:1; Jam. 5:16) Deacon Ministry (Acts 6:3-4)
Min of Music, Musicians (Ps.33:3; 48:1) New Members Classes (Luke 14:16-23) Evangelism & Witnessing (Lk.14:16-23) Sanctuary Decoration
Praise Team, Choirs (Psalm 149:3) Weekly Bible Study (2 Pet 3:39; 2 Tim 2:15) Mission, Outreach, Street Ministry (2 Pet 3:9) Communion Set-up (I Cor.11:23-34)
Dance Team, Sign Language for Hearing Impaired (Psalm 150:4) Home Bible Study Groups (Col. 4:15)

Singles & Divorcees (Acts 4:32)

Food, Clothing & Shelter (Mt. 25:35-36)

Revivals and Crusades (Luke 24:47)

Church Kitchen Committee (Acts 2:46)

Buildings and Grounds Staff

Usher / Security Assignments (Ps. 85:10) Singles Ministries – Golden Agers Home, Jail, Prison Ministries (Matt. 25:36) Financial Planning (3 John 2; Rom. 13:8)
Nursery Committee (Ex.10:9; Mk. 6:37) Daughters of Zion (Ages 13 – 19) Bus Ministry, Transp. Comm. (Luke 14:23) Weddings & Funeral Arrangements
Playground, Gym, Swim (Eccl. 3:1) Pearls of Esther (Over age 19) Billboard, Tracks, Newsletter Sick & Shut-in Ministry (Acts 2:42-46)
Parking Lot Ministry (Luke 12:39) Young Arrows (Males 13 – 19) Campus Ministries (Mark 16:15-16) Drug ^ Alcohol Counseling (Prov. 11:14)
Dance Team Definitely Debonair (Females Over 19) Director of Day Camps Women’s Ministry (Titus 2:1-8)
Gate Keepers – Armor Bearers Brickhouse (Single Young Adults) Door-to-Door Canvassing Men’s Ministry
Music & Fine Arts Ministry Campus Ministry GED, Computer, & Vocational Training Children & Youth Ministry
Prayer On-line & In-Homes Ministry Family Life Center Communications, Social Media & Website International School of Ministry